Exotic Mousse in 3 different ways

oggi 231k

Hellooo peeps! ! Today I am full of energy… This weekend I rested and I can say that I started the week with the right boost 😉

This Monday started with two news …. a good one …. and a bad one… The good one is that in only one week (since my preparation has changed) I made progress… I’ve lost about 0.8 grams of fat mass (I did the BIA and lean body mass is increased! ) that do not seem anything but considering that there are still three weeks at the end of this month, I have to say that everything is going in the right way … Grow Baby Grow … ! ! !

These are some of my progress back ….

oggi 160

I really like the new training card, I love to push weights with intensity! The food planning of this month gives me a chance to change a lot of my dishes and this increase my appetite and imagination 😉

Let’s go with… the bad news: I finished my protein powder and I had to find an alternative to my protein smoothie!!!

Alternative found!!!

It’s very good … simple and natural fruit sugars and proteins from egg whites!!! This recipe can be made in 3 different variants:

 exotic mousse
fruity meringues
fruity crepes

Then … I tell you what I prefer 😉

Nutritional information per serving:

Kcal : approximately 214
Protein: 22gr
Total Carbohydrates : 35g
Fat: 0gr .


  •     200g of pasteurized egg whites
  •     100g of banana
  •     100g mango
  •     1 teaspoon and half of bolero any taste (in my case exotic taste )
  •     lemon juice
  •    grapefruit juice

The fruit can be of any kind : apples, pears , melon, etc. ..

Procedure: (first part the same for all 3 modes of preparation)

Blend the fruit with the lemon juice and grapefruit creating a nice thick puree
Beat the egg whites until stiff with the bolero.
Add the fruit puree to the egg whites, mix well.

Exotic Mousse: just put the mixture into a bowl and let stand in refrigerator 10 minutes … serve.

Fruity Meringues: place the mixture in a sach, make the meringue and bake. I used a small ventilated oven so I put them at 100-120 degrees until they got golden brown.

Fruity Crepes: put the mixture in a preheated pan and cook over low heat, possibly with a lid. It might stick to the pan because of the sugars in the fruit. Once cooked let it rest in the pan for 5 min. With the help of a spatula, roll the crepe and serve with a sprinkling of cinnamon!

In the pictures there are three variants …. but my favorite was the crepe!!! Next time I make the puree with half of the fruit that I eat and I put the remaining pieces in the dough… yummiiiiii ! ! !
oggi 238oggi 237

Happy Monday 😉


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