Piadina senza glutine in due varianti ;)

Aaaah cosa non si fa pur di rendere l'alimentazione varia e gustosa con i semplici ingredienti che il nostro stile alimentare ci offre ...Poi , non so voi ,ma per me passate le feste natalizie sono già in modalità primavera e come vedo un raggio di sole desidero solo piatti freddi e veloci 😉 Trai … Leggi tutto Piadina senza glutine in due varianti 😉

Protein Mousse Choco-Coconut

Hello followers... today it's finally my " day off" and I can finally dedicate myself to my amazing blog 😉 A few days ago I published the photo of the "Chocolate and Coconut "protein mousse!... I love coconut so much!!! The mousse can be a great snack or a yummy breakfast. And if it has … Leggi tutto Protein Mousse Choco-Coconut

Pancakes with blueberries and açai

A pancake full of antioxidants!!! Ingredients per serving:      40g of rice cream      2 teaspoons of powdered açai      200g egg whites      a pinch of baking soda      2 teaspoons of carob flour      5-6 tablespoons of coconut milk      blueberries  Procedure: Combine all ingredients (except the blueberries) and mix them with a … Leggi tutto Pancakes with blueberries and açai

Moccachocolate Coconut Mousse: Christina Storm Fjaere favorite breakfast!

  Moccachocolate Coconut Mousse: 1. 50-100ml of fulfat coconut milk in a bowl.   2.Add Flavouring and sweetener of choice: vanilla powder ,vanilla stevia, salt, steva powder,and instant coffee.   3.Add 30gr  chocolate protein powder and casein.   4. Stir and add water until you get the right texture 5. top with your favorite fruit, … Leggi tutto Moccachocolate Coconut Mousse: Christina Storm Fjaere favorite breakfast!