Paleo Pancakes!


Good morning 🙂

Today I present you the classic recipe of Paleo Pancakes!

These pancakes can be a viable alternative to: breakfast with eggs and fruit or to the Italian breakfast with cappuccino and croissant. Paleo pancakes are healthy and light.
They are really simple to make because you need only a few ingredients.

It is gluten-free recipe, dairy-free and it contains only natural sugars from the fruit!

The first time, when I made pancakes, I remember that I woke up in the morning with the thought of eating them and with the desire to make a sweet but healthy breakfast 🙂

Nutritional Values per serving:

Kcal : 273
Total Fat : 6g .
Total Carbohydrates : 32gr .
Total Protein : 25g .


1 egg
4 egg whites
1 banana or 1/2 banana
Cinnamon or vanilla q.b.
Unsweetened cocoa q.b. (Optional)
Coconut oil (for the pan, but if you have a good non-stick pan can also serve nn )

It can also be made with two whole eggs or egg whites only , of course, the nutritional values ​​will be different.


1 . Mix all the ingredients with the blender .
2 . Smudge the pan with a bit of coconut oil and pour the mixture just enough to give it the shape and thickness of a pancake. Cover with a lid , if necessary, and let cook over low heat . Cook on both sides. When it is cooked, remove from the pan and continue cooking the other pancakes.
3 . When you have cooked all the pancakes serve with some fresh fruits, hazelnuts or almonds, honey , oilseeds …

I love to make them with 1/2 banana and eat them a teaspoon of honey and strawberries 🙂

Have a good day !


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