Morning cardio and porridge pancakes!


Doing cardio with an emphty stomac (when you wake up in the morning) involves a number of advantages for our weight loss. When you want to lose body fat without damaging the lean part of your body… you would indeed be ready for morning cardio!

♥ Our metabolism takes advantage of hypoglycemia in the morning (fasting) and uses the lipid reserves in terms of energy .

♥ Everything must be done without stress, otherwise it would be counterproductive, so try not to lose too many hours of sleep … We know that rest and recovery are just as important as training with intensity!

♥ Begin your day with at least 30min of cardio. It has favorable effects on our mood favoring a psychological well-being throughout the day 🙂 I personally feel more active, more energetic and also I can start the day in a good mood! All this thanks to the wonderful endorphins released during physical activity .

Small tips :

♥ Drink before you start exercising .

♥ Always keep at least 5-10 min of heating and general activation to allow time for the body to wake up.

♥ Spend the end of each session to cool down and stretching.

♥ Personally, when I want to give a ” hit ” to my metabolism I drink a cup of coffee before I start!

Today is one of those days where I am dedicated to my Morning Cardio:

First round 7 a.m  in the gym…. I , set up my I- pod with the right music …. 30 min passed quickly! Cool-down, stretching … shower …. and finally ….. Breakfast ! !

For breakfast today I made some pancakes made ​​with oat porridge.


The process is very simple:

1 . Prepare the porridge oats with only oats, water, a teaspoon of instant coffee and a few drops of sweetener. When it is cooked, let it cool down.

2 . Mix with the blender porridge with egg white and a pinch of yeast organic sugar-free and gluten-free.

3 . Heat a frying pan and pour the mixture making some pancakes.

Compared to those made ​​with oat flour, the taste does not change very much but I found them much more fluffy 🙂

006<- In This case to shorten the time I did one MegaPancake ! !

Coffee taken …. here I am … I am now ready to start my day … and my second round tonight at the gym!

And you …. and how did you start your day ? ?



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