Morning cardio and porridge pancakes!

Doing cardio with an emphty stomac (when you wake up in the morning) involves a number of advantages for our weight loss. When you want to lose body fat without damaging the lean part of your body... you would indeed be ready for morning cardio! ♥ Our metabolism takes advantage of hypoglycemia in the morning … Leggi tutto Morning cardio and porridge pancakes!

Herb Tea Flavored Cake

The organization is essential when you are following a specific diet. That’s why I always know what I am gonna eat in the next 6/7 days. I do food-shopping once a week. I prefer to buy larger quantities of the food I need during the offers to get the best price!!! Improvisation in diet,  is … Leggi tutto Herb Tea Flavored Cake

Peanut butter … how can you not love it!

Hi followers! ... Peanut Butter ? ? ... Oh ... my goodness! Directly from the USA ... peanut butter is a preferred source of fat for bodybuilders. Among the nutritional quality of peanut butter, in fact, stands an excellent protein content, oleic acid, magnesium, arginine, and dietary fiber ... remember though that is high in … Leggi tutto Peanut butter … how can you not love it!

Paleo Pancakes!

Good morning 🙂 Today I present you the classic recipe of Paleo Pancakes! These pancakes can be a viable alternative to: breakfast with eggs and fruit or to the Italian breakfast with cappuccino and croissant. Paleo pancakes are healthy and light. They are really simple to make because you need only a few ingredients. It … Leggi tutto Paleo Pancakes!

Mugcake with Protein Powder and oat!

Nutritional Values: Kcal : approximately 336 Carbohydrates: 31gr Fat: 6g Protein: 33gr Ingredients for 1 person: 30g Protein Chocolate Powder 40g of wholemeal oat flour 2 drops of tic or sweetner a pinch of vanilla 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder a pinch of baking powder gluten free water Procedure: In a bowl mix all ingredients. … Leggi tutto Mugcake with Protein Powder and oat!

Protein Porridge!

My favorite meal is absolutely OAT!!! Oat meals are for me considered “SUPER FOOD”. Oat is a source of slow-digesting carbohydrates, high in fiber and therefore able to provide long-term energy without causing insulin spikes. 100 grams of oatmeal provides 389 kcal ( 1628.0 kJ ) and nutritional values ​​are as follows:   Carbohydrates 66.27 … Leggi tutto Protein Porridge!